Monday, December 15, 2008

what did they do as customs at the table

they would raise their hands between meals and ate with fingers not forks cause it would be mean to eat another way and their was not any manors to eating the food on their plate so they would chow down on their duck if rich or on poor people on beans! that sounds good!

how they got their food

they would hunt for survivel but today we hunt to get a big rack on a deer or for fun. they would hunt birds and fish on the nile. some would have fishing or hunting birds for a living. today those are very rare jobs to find and they dont pay very good.

how they prepared food

in a small house the house wife would cook witch is the way i think it should be with the woman doing the cooking. well the way they cooked was in an oven. but in a big house hold they would have a chef do it witch sounds good but to much money to day. but the main idea is that they cooked with an oven.

was food good!!!!!!!! and who ate it!!!!!!!!!!!

yes their food was very appetizing some of the food they ate then we still eat now like bread, beans, honey, and deer. some of their food was very expensive so the rich would eat food like duck and any kind of meat while the poor would only be able to afford fish for meat but poor would also have berries to eat. but really i would love to eat like the poor or rich it sounds pretty good.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The food they had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some of the food they had were beans, deer, and beer wich sound pretty good in modern times. but can you belive they ate ostrich, antulope, and ox that's deskusting. really would you eat that. I sure wouldn't.

would you eat the same food as they did?

do you think that food was good in egypt?

what are areas of strenght on this blog?

what is an area of improvement on this blog